Portrait Of A Lesbian

Spunk L Davis

Our master director - brains behind everything from the Pink Velvet Series to the present day. Loves to play golf and drinks all the Portuguese wine there is!

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9 Responses

  1. holmesy says:

    wanna tell just how i am meant to go to work with a hard on grrrr

  2. gen says:

    I just about “blew my gasket”….I was thinking how cool to see Jo in another awesomely nice n sweet Portrait of A Lesbian enticing clip…then my eyes grew to the size of flying saucers….woooooow!!!!!

    from the sweet score that builds up very nicely, to the wonderful expressions by Jo, irresistible, like, “hmmm, I can’t resist…” and Kyla Fox “surrendering”….to Jo’s wonderful expression near the end of the clip….the sweetnss is a huuuuuge turn-on….I am ecstatically newly obsessed like I was with PV…I’m telling ya, this is like a new high note…not to mention the sheer visual wetness…how awesome you guys really know what we love to see….oh, great, great story line and imaginative realistic layered writing involving work and relationships…I’m writing a review in advance but c’mon, who can blame….sheer brilliance and enthusiasm! In time for summer! :D my smile cannot be any bigger!
    Thank Lew very much, Spunk L Davis!

  3. G says:

    oh, and solo scenes are sublime….man, I love ‘em! It’s got like all the ingredients and chemistry of what turns me on….like the producers (director, writer, photographer, cast) asked, what do You like? and made it….thank Youuuuu!

  4. James says:

    Jesus’ titties, so many out-of-this world bums.

  5. dreampage says:

    Hungarian dialogue FTW. :) Also, I think it’s a great trailer, the film will be of artistic quality for sure. However, I don’t like some of the girls that much.

  6. Ric says:

    wow the trailer looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it.

  7. Chango says:

    Nicely made trailer ………. I love the musical theme : to be included in Dirty Beats 2 ;-)

  8. Aaron says:

    it looks fantastic. Kyla Fox is a keeper for sure. I can’t wait to see the clips.
    I would love to see Kyla paired with Ariel in the future

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